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This Depressing Christmas Ad Is Enraging Everyone


German supermarket company Edeka recently released their 2015 holiday ad, and it has one of the most unexpected plot twists of all time.

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The ad begins with a little old man getting the news that his family won't make it to Christmas, so he spends the holiday ALONE.

In a depressing turn of events, he DIES and his family is left to cope with the news of his death.

They all reunite at his place to honor his life...

...But PLOT TWIST, LOL JK he's not dead — he just wanted to see his family.

Comedy Central

Because there's nothing that says "great holiday dinner" like faking your own death.

Needless to say, people were all sorts of confused, happy, sad, and angry. This @EDEKA_D Christmas ad...Started watching it while drinking tea, now I'm drinking my own tears. 😢😭

Thanks to this commercial, I changed my flight so I could spend more time with my family XO...

This Christmas ad is insane??? Because nothing says Christmas like faking your own death.

This German store's Christmas advert is pretty dark. I like it.

German supermarket makes Christmas commercial that makes me want to crawl into a cave.

Did you see that coming?