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    23 Nightmares Everyone Who Works In Retail Never Wants To Experience

    May the sales force be with you.

    1. Having a customer try on everything in the whole store, only to buy one item.

    2. Having a wild herd of youths stampede in and destroy the store.

    3. Keeping an eye on an item you want to buy at the end of the day, only to watch a customer snag it right before close.


    4. Being scheduled during the slowest part of the week when you work on commission.

    5. Having the computer inventory system crash... which means you now must call every single nearby location if you have to hunt for an item.


    6. Having a customer -- who bought a billion things -- come back and return every single one.

    7. Feeling like a total creep after asking a customer if they need help, and all you get is a glare.


    8. When every dressing room looks like a bomb went off inside it.

    9. When everyone suddenly acts like your best friend so they can get a discount.


    10. Being given the job of steaming aalllllll the new inventory.

    11. Getting yelled at by a disgruntled customer after they have a bad experience with a different employee.

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    12. Having someone demand to speak to your manager when your supervisor is on their break.

    13. When a customer tries to barter with you after realizing the item they want isn’t actually on sale.

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    14. Watching your fine folding skills be destroyed before your eyes.

    15. Watching someone shoplift and not having the guts to confront them.

    16. When you have to work an evening shift, and then you get assigned inventory duty the next morning.

    17. Working with another employee that steals every customer from you... and with them, all your potential commissions.

    18. Having a customer enter the store one minute before closing.

    19. Getting called into work during your day off.


    20. Being in charge of the store on Black Friday.

    21. When a customer makes you search high and low for an item, and then they don't buy it.


    22. When you work at a location with only unhealthy lunch options nearby.

    23. Finding out that the co-worker getting you through your job is being transferred to a different location.

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    "How am I supposed to get through these nightmares without you?"

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