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    22 Morally Questionable Things All Roommates Will Never Confess

    It's your move in Trash Jenga.

    1. Leaving just enough toilet paper so you don't have to replace it.

    2. Or doing this.

    3. Sneaking just a snack from your roommate's stash, because you're absurdly hungry and out of food.

    4. Forgetting to put the empty box back in the trash after eating the last treat.

    5. Letting your friend take anything out of the fridge, regardless of whose stuff is in there.

    6. Wanting to secretly kill your roommate's pet.

    7. Eavesdropping on their phone conversations.

    8. Writing that funny, but serious, passive aggressive note.

    9. Not washing your dishes for a solid week.

    10. Not taking ALL the ice so you don't have to refill the tray.

    11. Or leaving a teeny bit of water so you can avoid refilling the Brita.

    12. Blaming the oven on burning something and stinking up the whole apartment.

    13. Saying you cleaned the apartment, when you really just Febrezed the hell out of everything.

    14. Inviting people over without letting your roommate know.

    15. Leaving your shoes everywhere but your room.

    16. Using drunkenness as an excuse to get out of cleaning up after a party.

    17. Using just a smidgen of their toothpaste.

    18. Not cleaning up after you clearly spilled something.

    19. Repeatedly asking your roommate questions when he/she is clearly working on something.

    20. Doing whatever you can to not be the person who has to take out the trash.

    21. Changing the thermostat without anyone noticing.

    22. And knowing you have the best roommate in the world who puts up with all your crap.