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You Have To Listen To This A Cappella Mash-Up Of Michael Jackson's Career

Is your face OK, Annie?

Pentatonix is back, AND THEY CRUSHED IT. We dare you not to dance like a fool while listening to this amazing mash-up of Michael Jackson's 40-year career in six minutes.

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Let's start things off with Jackson 5's "I Want You Back."

And "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" will leave you wanting more!

Don't forget "Thriller." YAS Pentatonix!

Once they get into "Smooth Criminal," you might as well be hearing "Is your face OK?" instead of "Are you OK, Annie?" BECAUSE IT'S BEING ROCKED OFF.

Finally, they absolutely NAIL "Will You Be There," causing you to cry hysterically.

You did the King of Pop proud, Pentatonix.

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