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People Are Really Confused About Kylie Jenner's New Lip Gloss Ad

Guns, money, and glosses... Oh my!

Everyone knows Kylie Jenner, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT, and everyone's heard of the Kylie lip kit — ya know that thing that people are selling their firstborn children for. She just released her new teaser for her lip gloss ad and, well, here it is:

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EXT. DESERT (PROBS JOSHUA TREE, CALIFORNIA) – DAY. Kylie, adorned in a $500 scarf, chills in a Rolls-Royce outside an abandoned motel.

K, that's cool and all, but where are the glosses?

This girl looks like she knows where the glosses are.

Oh, my bad, it's just a suitcase full of money and guns.

SPOTTED: A gloss. WAIT, but what's the color?!

Meanwhile, Kylie is still chillin' in the car, waitin'. It's all chill, right?


K, that's cool and everything, but where's the gloss?

Suddenly, there are ultra-fab slow-mos of "Like," "Literally," and "So Cute" running away from stealing a shit ton of money they clearly need. ARE THOSE THE GLOSSES?!

Then, they're all like, "K, byeeee."

They get caught, but TBH I'm more surprised that they're all over 6 feet tall.

Some people really want to know where the glosses are...

...While others are clearly RiRi fans.

And this person just wants to know why they threw away money they so clearly worked hard for.

Like, literally, help us out, King Kylie.