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    27 Signs You And Your BFF Might Actually Be Spongebob And Patrick

    "What do you usually do when I'm gone?" "Wait for you to get back."

    1. It all began when you discovered you shared the same hobbies.

    2. And you started hanging out constantly.

    3. Then you got so close, you could read each others' minds without saying a word.

    4. And you started sharing clothes nonstop.

    5. In school you were so bad, you weren't allowed to sit next to each other.

    6. Because you know how to have fun in any situation.

    7. You're always open to having a new friend join your group...

    8. ... Even though no one else will ever have a bond like yours.

    9. You aren't afraid to push each other into conquering your biggest fears.

    10. And you're partners in crime when you go out.

    11. Some might say you're the perfect drinking buddies.

    12. And when it comes to playing the field, your best friend is the perfect wingman.

    13. If you strike out, you still have a friend right by your side to pump you up.

    14. And you've both agreed if you never find "the one," you'll just keep each other company.

    15. Together, you solve problems quickly and efficiently.

    16. And help your pal see what they can't on their own.

    17. You're always down to help one another, no matter how ridiculous the plan is.

    18. When one of you gets sad, the other can't help but feel the same way.

    19. But you still know how to cheer each other up.

    20. You're kind enough to let it slide when your BFF has a brain fart.

    21. But you aren't afraid to be honest when it really matters.

    22. Even if it means being brutally honest.

    23. You aren't afraid to act like complete idiots together.

    24. And you have bought BFF jewelry (probably at Claire's) at one point or another.

    25. Although you've been in your fair share of fights...

    26. ... you know in the end, your friendship is more important than an argument.

    27. Because you both know a best friend lasts a lifetime.