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29 Horrific Things That Happen Every Single Finals Week

See you on the other side.

1. It's Sunday, and finals week has rolled around and you ask yourself, "How did I get here?"

2. Slowly all the schoolwork begins to creep up on you like a giant monster breathing down your neck.

3. You check your exam schedule one last time only to be reminded of how much it sucks.

4. You calculate the minimum exam grade you can escape with, but realize you're totally cooked in one class, no matter what.

5. So you begin to lock yourself away in the library to cram. People start to question whether or not you've gone missing and died.

6. While you're studying, someone begins to have a complete meltdown.

7. ... And it scares the shit out of you, and you begin to wonder why you aren't freaking out more.

8. You wake up and everything comes crashing down. You remember nothing of what you studied.

9. You try to clean yourself up and go to office hours for a few last tips, but EVERYONE HAS THE EXACT SAME IDEA and office hours become office minutes.

10. Your first exam is coming up in a few hours and you do everything you can to calm yourself.

11. As soon as you get back to a relatively normal resting heartbeat before the test begins, you notice that your professor will have no mercy.

12. You eat your feelings after your first exam but get terribly nauseous because you already are thinking about your next.

13. You wake up to a pile of notecards, papers, and food wrappers, and everything becomes overwhelming.

14. Not only do you have a day with a final, but today will also include a giant research paper that you have three hours to finish.

15. Because of all this insurmountable pressure, you proceed to have a moment of apathy and give up.

16. You walk into your second final and notice someone just completely skipped the exam out of fear.

17. There will be a moment where you look at the blank test and question everything.

18. You then will barely, barely make the midnight deadline for that huge research paper.

19. After that paper is over, you realize you still have a couple more exams and only a few hours to study.

20. Your parents will call you and wake you up to see how you're doing and you fake the fact that you're not dying.

21. You and all your friends then begin to feel really, really sick due to all the lack of sleep.

22. Then you'll see people post-breakdown walking to their exam, wearing what looks like...whatever they could find.

23. For everyone else, this is their last day of finals. Not you. You have a final on Friday. LOL

"Your last chem unit final will be on the Friday before Christmas break"

24. So you sit, study and cry, while chugging Emergen-C and stalking people's Instagram pictures.

25. People run home joyfully, and you're left in the library like, "See ya layter."

26. You then cry yourself to sleep after studying for over eight hours.

27. You wake up, hoarse and weak. It's the final push, and your brain is running on empty.

28. You barely make it to your final exam, and all hope feels lost and some voice in your mind is like:

29. It's all over and something miraculous happens, and you rise from the ashes. You made it. YOU. MADE. IT.

And you're like: