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    Here's How To Chill The F*** Out In Under 10 Minutes

    Sometimes you just have to take a second for a little "me time."

    Meditation can be a super quick and easy solution to ease anxiety and calm yourself in any situation.

    1. First, get into the calming state of mind by playing some relaxing music.

    2. Be sure to sit on an upright chair and put your feet firmly on the floor.

    3. Be sure to sit up straight rather than slumped over.

    4. Avoid crossing your arms and lay both of your palms face up on your legs. You're now ready to get into your mediation.

    5. Start by breathing slowly and deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth. Then picture having a cord connected to your tailbone that goes all the way to the center of the Earth.

    6. Now that you're in your meditative state, picture anything that's been stressing you out leaving your body with every exhale.

    7. Now picture your "aura," or your personal space around you, and acknowledge what color you want it to be.

    8. Finally, imagine a giant golden sun is above you, and it's slowly filling your body with warm, happy energy, like water filling up a glass.

    9. Now, once you finally take a few final deep breaths, slowly open your eyes and your should feel as relaxed as this baby owl.

    For more meditation and relaxation techniques, you can visit Kris' website here, and if you need to relax on the go, here's a soothing audio track with step-by-step instructions.