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Disney Released The Pixar Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

Did you catch Lightning McQueen in Toy Story 3?

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Disney recently released some of their sneakiest easter eggs in Pixar movies. Have you seen them all?

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Merida and her family are seen on a tapestry at Ye Left Turn Inn in London in Cars 2. / Via Disney

A wooden Lightning McQueen can be seen in the daycare in Toy Story 3. / Via Disney

You can catch Skinner's Vespa in the piles of garbage in Wall-E. / Via Disney

Did you see old school Mr. Incredible on the cover of this kid's comic book in Finding Nemo? / Via Disney

What about action figures of Flik, Dim, and Heimlich from A Bug's Life in Toy Story 2? / Via Disney

Or a Nemo toy in Monsters Inc.? / Via Disney

Bless you Pixar for all these easter eggs.