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Grandmas Tried To Guess Modern Slang And It Was Actually Really Adorable

"Shade" is the new world for "pimp."

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Elite Daily gathered some of their favorite grandmas to define slang words that are all the rage with the youths, and their guesses were amazing.

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Let's start things off with a little "shade," shall we?

So close! Well...not really...

When it came to "fuckboy," many ladies were convinced it meant a sexy dude who everyone would want to sleep with.

No comment.

What about "turnt"? Maybe a possible abbreviation for "turned"?

Finallly, throw in a little "whip" action, and these ladies are on their way back to 17 again.

Well, maybe not quite...

Watch the full video to see if you could define the "hip" words, and sit at the cool kids table.