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A Dad Built An Incredible Rocking "Star Wars" Speeder Bike For His Baby Daughter

Go Princess Leia, go!

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Tez Gelmer decided to design and build the ultimate toy for his daughter's first birthday: A rocking speeder bike from Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi.

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He wanted to make the chair as accurate as possible, so he looked really closely at the actual prop specs from the film.

He explained on his instructables page, "The facade of the speeder is based on the original concept drawing for the movie prop I found on the net, while using photos of ultra high quality scale models to fill in the gaps."

After making sure it was in tip-top safety shape, he considered the "bike" to be finished, and what a beauty it is.

By using plywood, 3D Printing, PVC pipe, screws, bolts, and an incredible knack for engineering, he could create this incredible rocker.