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    27 Gifts Only True "Walking Dead" Fans Will Appreciate

    A few things to get you through until February.


    Because everyone needs one of these free of sweat and Maggie.

    2. The Three-Question Mug:

    What a conversation starter, right? They're the first questions you ask someone when you meet them.

    3. This Minimalist Michonne Poster:

    This minimalist poster also comes in Rick's gun and Daryl's crossbow. Which weapon do you choose?

    4. This "Stuff & Things" Mug:

    Because there is so much to get done, LORI.

    5. A Coral Poster:

    A minimalist and literal look at "Coral."

    6. Or a Coral T-Shirt:

    Because it's the best, and you can always think of new Coral dad jokes.

    7. A Hershel Engraved Wooden Poster:

    Because everyone needs a memorial in their home.

    8. A Rick Grimes Watercolor:

    Because it's just so beautiful and brings you back to the beginning.

    9. A "Just Look at the Flowers" Bracelet:

    For your...erm...darker side...

    In addition to the poncho, this one's claimed.

    11. Little Ass Kicker Baby Bodysuit:

    For any lil' ass kickers or people named Judith in your life.

    12. Walking Dead Monopoly:

    You might actually be able to finish this game of Monopoly complete with Michonne's Katana, Rick's Hat, and the dead RV as playing pieces.

    13. "Don't Open, Dead Inside" Decal:

    To reminisce about the first time you got to experience zombies with Rick...and stop people from opening your laptop.

    14. "Claimed" Necklace:

    Because we're all claimed by someone (Daryl).

    15. This Goofy Rick iPhone Case:

    For the animation lover — and person who thinks Rick would be cuter chubby.

    16. Custom Walking Dead Vans:

    This Etsy shop will paint infamous scenes like the first iconic zombie and the burning barn right onto your Vans.

    17. This Crazy-Accurate Terminus Poster:

    *You might not actually want to go there.

    18. The Walking Dead: Volume 22

    Grab the newest installment of the comic while you can, although there will probably be major spoilers.

    19. A LIFE-SIZE Daryl:

    Everyone needs a cardboard cutout of Daryl in their room for protection...and beauty.

    20. The Walker Ear Necklace (in soap form):

    No joke, it's Daryl's zombie ear necklace as soap.

    21. This "Keep Calm and Eat Pudding" T-Shirt:

    Because when times get rough, sometimes you just need to sit on a roof and eat some canned chocolate pudding.

    22. The Snacking Dead:

    For when hunger strikes in the wake of an apocalypse.

    23. The Walking Dead Coaster Set:

    For entertaining during Walking Dead episode parties.

    24. A Walking Dead Walker Vinyl Clock:

    These are actually really cool.

    25. This Typography Rick Poster:

    "I'm not the good guy anymore."

    26. This Insane Walking Dead Art:

    Complete with all your favorite characters in human and zombie form.

    27. And for the TRUE fans, the Official Walking Dead Survival Kit:

    For, you know...when it actually happens.

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