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27 Couples Who Just Lost Their PDA Privileges

If someone gives you a room, you take it.

1. These students who definitely did NOT have a hall pass.

2. These flies who took it upon themselves to get it on at the bus stop.

Hey @DomsWildThings i saw some frisky nature PDA at the bus stop

3. This actual couple at a bus stop.

4. This couple who decided to have a splendor in the grass.

5. This couple who needs to close their mouths.

6. This couple who needed something to do while waiting at Disneyland.

7. This couple too star-crossed to notice the man behind them.

The epitome of last night #getaroom @NoahPalo

8. This couple who will definitely not get an A.

Third wheeling at it's finest !! #getaroom#fifthperiodmakeoutsesh!!

9. This couple who has a thing for parks.

10. And this one who has a thing for parking lots.

11. This couple who at least knows how to conserve space.

This couple is taking "PDA" to the next level on my train.

12. These puppies who don't know when enough is enough.

13. This couple who took cuddling to a whole new level.

14. These dogs channeling their inner dentists.

15. This couple who doesn't understand the point of a library.

16. Or this one either.

17. This couple who loves jean on jean.

18. This couple who thinks this bus is for them and their tongues.

19. This couple who's doing it wrong.

20. This couple putting on their own show.

21. This couple REALLY enjoying the park.

22. This couple who doesn't understand the point of stairs.

23. This couple who just loves blocking the view.

24. This couple who's gonna have sand EVERYWHERE!

25. This couple who brought a whole new meaning to namaste.

26. This couple who invented a new version of the mile-high club.

27. This couple who leaves us all speechless.