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    Posted on Sep 23, 2015

    An Anti-Gay Preacher Got Shut Down By A Boy Playing His Bagpipes

    Someone's being inducted into the Scottish Hero Hall of Fame.

    Lachie Blair was going about his day when he noticed an extremist preacher shouting his anti-gay sermon on the street. He started recording the incident, but ended up catching an amazing little Scottish hero step in and save the day.

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    The audio is hard to hear in the video, but Lachie told BuzzFeed, "He did say that he believed the 'gay agenda' would ruin Britain, and he described the LGBT+ community as 'sinners,' who he said would burn in hell."


    A little bit late, the faint sound of bagpipes is heard, and this little boy came in hot to drown out everything the preacher was saying.

    Lachie said, "I uploaded the video not only because it is an excellent response to hate speech in a quintessentially Scottish fashion, but also to highlight the point that discrimination against LGBT+ people is not tolerated by the vast majority of people in the West and that everyday citizens such as the bagpiper are not willing to accept discrimination."

    The crowd immediately started cheering for the piper, and the man gradually stopped and picked up his things.

    Lachie told BuzzFeed, "I hope people take the actions of the piper as inspiration to stand up against discrimination when you see it and to challenge those who would condemn others on the basis of their sexuality, race, or religion."

    Bagpipe boy forever!