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22 Awkward Moments Everyone With A Big Butt Has Experienced

TBH, I really don't know how I got all of that in my jeans...

1. It all started when you were trying to potty train, but that potty was more like a potHAY.

2. Then you ripped your pants after trying to drop it low at your middle school dance.

3. Over summer you just wanted to relax at the pool, only for your butt to get stuck in the inner tube.

4. When fall rolled around, you couldn't wait to slip on leggings...until this happened.

5. While shopping you thought you found the perfect jeans, then turned around...

6. You tried the low-rise jean trend and epically failed.

7. While looking for a bathing suit, the top fit perfectly, but the bottoms had to be ordered two sizes up.

8. When you wanted to sit down at a party, one tiny chair just wasn't enough.

9. That one time you were on a field trip and you got sandwiched in an area everyone breezed through.

10. Or when you just wanted to be funny, and it backfired.

11. Your friends have waited for you to just put on your jeans.

12. You saw this tabloid and shared a tender moment with Kim.

13. At sleepovers, others decided your butt would be the perfect pillow.

14. And then your pets noticed their perfect napping spot.

15. That one time you just wanted to relive your childhood.

16. You decided to try a bodycon dress but the back rode all the way up to your waist before you even left the house.

17. While housesitting, your butt bumped into the table and broke everything.

18. Your friends tended to poke your butt for no apparent reason.

19. Whenever you sat down with any butt sweat or wet clothes and revealed this.

20. You've had to be super particular about what underwear or bottoms work for you because your butt might just eat them.

21. You finally bought a flowy dress or romper only to get a nice wedgie every time you got up.

22. And whenever a song about a big butt comes on, your friends wait for you to do something like...

...but really you're just like...

Whenever your jeans aren't working out, just remember people would kill for that butt.