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    Nov 9, 2014

    25 Awkward Moments Everyone Who Doesn't Drink Knows Too Well

    When you have to decipher drunk texts from your friends...

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    1. When you have to take care of your friends who are in their 20's even though you're the same age as them.

    2. When you are at a wedding and are more sober than the bride and groom.

    3. When your friends assume you will be the designated driver without even asking you.

    4. When you receive drunk texts from your friends and have to spend nearly 10 minutes minutes trying to decipher them.

    5. Sitting awkwardly the next day as everyone recounts their drunken mistakes from the night before.

    DreamWorks Studios

    HAHA YEAH, I went to bed at 10.

    6. When people tease you about not drinking and you're like, "Say that to my liver in 20 years, LOL!"


    See who's laughing THEN.

    7. Carrying around a red cup of water and then having someone call you out on it.

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    8. Thinking someone wants to talk to you even though you're stone cold sober then realizing they're only looking for the alcohol.

    Oh my gosh, I know right? Crazy party. Oh... oh, it's over by the door.

    9. When people think you're drunk, but you're just having a good time.

    Oxygen / Via

    I promise I'm just sober and weird.

    10. When random people come up to you and tell you their dirtiest, darkest secrets thinking that you won't remember the next day.

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    But you do. You always do.

    11. And everyone asking you to hold onto their stuff because they know you won't lose it.

    12. Nothing happening in Vegas except you developing a food baby from the buffets.


    And that doesn't even stay in Vegas.

    13. People apologize profusely for drinking around you.

    Channel 4

    Please calm down.

    14. When someone approaches you at a bar and get freaked out when they realize you're 100% sober.



    15. Having your friends drunkenly spill things on you.


    Easy there.

    16. When your friends don't wanna head home yet, so you find yourself eating the disgusting bar food.

    17. And then when your friends expect you to have sympathy for them when they have a massive hangover the next morning.

    18. When people assume you are unable to have fun without the help of alcohol.

    Apatow Productions

    It's this weird thing called "having a personality."

    19. When your friends ask you to brunch and you order two entrees and they order just straight mimosas.

    20. When you agree to go to karaoke with your friends and they mess up every other word and you pretend you're drunk just to save face.



    21. When your drunk friend wants you to take a picture of them you KNOW they'll regret in the morning.

    22. When you actually do decide to have a drink, and everyone makes fun of you for being a lightweight.


    Yeah, I just spent $8 and I'm feeling good. How much have you spent? Bye.

    23. And then instantly regretting throwing away that $8 the night before on a drink.

    Is this the regret everyone is always talking about?

    24. Attempting to humor your one friend that always thinks they're saying something deep while intoxicated.

    25. When your friends invite you out for wine tasting and they're drunk by 2 p.m. and you're just Instagramming grapes like #NoFilter.

    But in the end, aside from all the teases at least you can wake up knowing what you did last night.

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    Can your friends say the same?

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