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    • CanCFS

      Fantastic article!!! It is great to see an article that explains CFS to the general public…gives them a glimpse into the hardships that we experience on a daily basis. Most of us are at the prime of our lives and are completely unable to function. It is a horrible illness to have. I look forward to more articles like this one. Society as a whole would benefit from reading articles on ME/CFS in traditional media.
      A large part of the population has come across patients suffering from ME/CFS and has most likely completely misunderstood the suffering of thst person. More frequent and widespread distribution of articles such as this one will allow people to better understand the illness that affects their colleagues, friends or even family members. The articles will also shed light on the lengths to which the government is willing to go to ignore this illness and mistreat patients. If only they would put as much effort into understanding the illness as they put into not understanding it, medicine would be much farther along…look at the impressive progress that has been made with HIV/AIDS. Thak you David Tuller

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