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Summer Skincare Tips You Need To Know In Your Twenties

Stay pretty.

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1. Remember: Sun damage causes 80% of wrinkles.

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Which isn’t pretty. And don’t just rely on make up that claims to contain an SPF – you’re unlikely to be putting enough on to get the protection it claims. It’s a better bet to put sunscreen on first; then apply your make up over the top. And don’t forget your hat and shades to keep you looking fresh faced too.

3. When it heats up, pick oil-free moisturisers. / Via

Moisturisers and lotions contain one oily agent and/or watery agent, according to bods at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. Rather than using oil-based lotions and potions, you might want to try lighter oil-free bases in the summer and save the heavy stuff for winter.

4. Invest in a hat and cast some shade. / Via

There's a big misconception that sunscreen is all people need to protect themselves from UV damage, when in fact, the use of shade and clothing are much more effective methods. A giant hat not only looks glamorous, it shades your face and protects your hair and scalp from frying too.

5. Do shots before you hit the beach. / Getty Images / Via

Not of tequila, of sun lotion. Most people don’t apply sunscreen correctly. You should be slapping on a shot glass full of the white stuff before you go out in the sun to help protect exposed skin – and make sure you top it up regularly too. Pick one with at least SPF15 and 4 or more stars.

6. Drink water if you're going swimming. / Via

Just because you're in water doesn't mean you can't become dehydrated. Chlorine isn't great for dehydrated skin, so drink lots of water, make sure you shower before and after swimming to lessen the amount of chlorine that "sticks" to your skin, and use a good moisturiser after.

7. Don't shave or wax before hitting the pool or the beach.

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Hair removal can make skin extra-sensitive and can also cause tiny cuts and abrasions that'll not be happy with a sandy beach. Do it the night before whenever possible.

8. Up your cleansing game.

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Sweating can open your pores, which can leave them more prone to clogs, aka blackheads and spots. If you’re suffering from summer break outs, try upping your cleansing game by doing it morning and night and using nose strips once a week, if needed.

9. If you're not wearing foundation, pull down the blinds.

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It sounds unbelievable, but on a sunny day, you can get burnt through a window. In fact, one study found that people who sat next to windows had more wrinkles and noticeably older-looking skin than people who sat away from them! The solution: Shut the blinds or move your chair!

10. Don't accept a drink from this guy. / Via

Be careful around lime-based drinks – cocktail or mocktail, if it gets on your skin (mouth included), it can make that area more sensitive to light, causing chemical-like burns due to phytophotodermatitis, or what some call “margarita dermatitis”. Drink it in the shade, and wash your hands and face if you’re having anything citrus-based, and keep in mind that alcohol is dehydrating.