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Online Faux Pas You Need To Admit To

We're all guilty of a social media faux pas now and then. If you tick off more than one of these maybe it’s time to join Mute A Mate for Cancer Research UK: donate £3 by texting MUTE to 70200 and promise to give up your bad habits for a week. Then nominate friends who might be guilty too!

1. Stalking your ex on social media

2. Sending your friends game requests

3. Copying other people's tweets

Or replying to a Twitter joke with an almost identical joke.

4. Sharing a million photos of your baby*

5. RSVP'ing 'maybe' to an event

6. Sending sycophantic tweets to celebrities

7. Posting on Facebook every time you go to the gym

8. Posting duckface selfies

9. Adding randoms from your past

10. Posting hideous photos of other people

11. Posting cryptic status updates

12. Leaving creepy comments on other people's photos

Sound a bit familiar?

Think you could take a break from your online sins for a week? Take part in Mute A Mate for Cancer Research UK.

Just text* MUTE to 70200 to donate £3 and promise to stop the over-sharing for one week.

*Text costs £3 plus 1 standard rate text. CRUK receives £2.93. UK mobiles, 16 years and over only. Terms and conditions: Queries? 0300 1231861.