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11 Small Changes That Can Actually Help Prevent Cancer

The best way to beat cancer? Prevent it in the first place. These tips are brought to you by Cancer Council NSW.

1. Eat more whole grains.

2. Fill up on vegetables and fruit – the more colourful, the better.

3. And cut back on red meat.

4. You guessed it — quit smoking.

5. Take the stairs.

6. Maintain a healthy body weight.

7. Protect yourself when you're out in the sun.

8. Cut back on the booze.

9. Eat at home more often.

10. Keep an eye on your sodium intake.

11. Get to know your body.

All facts provided by Cancer Council NSW and all images courtesy of Thinkstock.

Cancer Council NSW is working every day to try to help beat cancer. What will you do today to help fight it?

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