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    My Hot Take For Today: "The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement" Is Better Than The Original And Here Are 12 Reasons Why

    Two words: Chris Pine.

    1. We get to experience Genovia.

    Mia's castle in Genovia

    We get to see and experience Genovia this time around, whereas the first movie focused on Mia, Lilly, and Michael in high school.

    2. Raven-Symoné makes a cameo.


    Raven playing the role of Asana was a sweet surprise for viewers, especially since she was (and still is) such a big Disney star. We love to see Disney royalty together!

    3. Lilly Moscovitz gets major character development.


    Even though Lily is still outspoken, she isn't as jealous or critical towards Mia compared to the first movie. Also, I love her highlights this time around.

    4. We get subtle LGBTQ+ representation.

    Disney / Via

    This movie gives us a LGBTQ+ moment (very ahead of its time!) with Antoine Suisson. Mia is told he is unavailable because he already has a boyfriend and she supports him. We love to see it!

    5. We get this iconic fountain scene.

    Disney / Via

    This scene really showed the romantic chemistry between Mia and Nicholas especially with the foot popping kiss! I'm still screaming over this one.

    6. We get this touching parade moment.


    This scene is so joyful and heartfelt because it really shows the potential Mia has to be Queen. In addition, Kelly Clarkson's song "Breakaway" makes this scene even more special.

    7. We get mattress surfing.


    It's super fun, but also very iconic that we get to see Julie Andrews stand on top of a mattress and slide down a ramp.

    8. "Crowning Glory" is a bop.


    This song is so catchy and it showed off Raven-Symoné's and Julie Andrews's singing abilities.

    9. Nicholas makes archery more fun.


    We love to see another romantic scene between Mia and Nicholas! It shows the skills required to do archery and also shows how much these two actually care for each other.

    10. Joe and Clarisse get married.


    We already saw the sparks fly between these two from the first movie, but marrying in the second movie is everything. My heart can't handle this!

    11. Mia becomes Queen.


    Mia not having to marry a royal man to become Queen was iconic. We witness not only the change of royal customs but also gender roles.

    12. Lastly, Mia and Nicholas was a better ship than Mia and Michael.


    Mia's chemistry with Nicholas was way more passionate and romantic. Their banter was incredible! Mia and Michael were friends who cared for one another but it wasn't a ~forever thing~. Let's not forget that high school relationships don't tend to work out most of the time, anyway. We still love you Michael!

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