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10 Ways To Save Your Life That Will Blow Your Mind

Instant first aid kit. Take notes, then pay it forward — donate blood.

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Baking soda heals pretty much anything it touches. Add some to your bath to soothe a sunburn, make a thicker paste and apply to spot-based ailments, or mix a spoonful with a glass of drinking water to help with indigestion.

Tweezers can actually spread the bee's venom onto the skin, which could result in even more pain (or danger, if you're allergic). Run a credit card along the skin to push the stinger out and keep the venom as contained as possible.

Plastic wrap can serve as an effective bandage for wounds and burns. It's sterile when you take it off the roll and can be applied to the skin without any additional ointment. Ambulances even keep it on hand!

Cute AND functional. Not only can long socks help you stay warm, but they can be used to tie a sling or a tourniquet if necessary — just take note that you may need to rip the socks and turn them into sheets of cloth.

When you have no other option, gunpowder can help you cauterize a wound. It won't be pretty — you have to sprinkle the powder onto your wound, then light it on fire — but at least you'll be channeling Rambo himself.

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