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12 Heartwarming GIFs Of Animals Being Seriously Kind

These animals are actually better people than you are.

1. This poodle who comes to her friend's rescue when he's locked out.

2. This dog who wants to keep his tiny human warm during naps.

3. This goose who is sharing his lunch with his pondmates.

4. This spaniel who is doing such a great job nursing a little baby lamb.

5. This kitten who wants to save you from falling out the window.

6. This cockatoo who doesn't want her furry friend to miss out on counter treats.

7. This crow who is at the service of his dog and cat roommates.

8. This cat who is amazing at "Rock-a-bye Baby."

9. This donkey who gives free rides to her feline friends.

10. This kitten who opens your bottles when you're too lazy to get off the couch.

11. This cat who shares treats with her floor-bound schnauzer buddy.

12. This dalmatian who has switched roles with his pet human.

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