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15 Good Samaritans Who Definitely Made The World A Better Place

Because it's all about paying it forward!

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1. These people who tore up a wall to save a kitten:

Instagram: @ashleigh612

2. Whoever left this insane compliment in a bathroom stall:

Instagram: @ash_o_ton

3. This woman, who helped out a woolly friend get unstuck:

Instagram: @beachblondie85

4. The mystery man who paid for 500 strangers' coffees at an Edmonton Tim Horton's with $859.

Coffee Point of View
David Hartwell / Getty Images

Coffee Point of View

5. This guy who picked up a wandering pup and returned it to its owners (after taking a selfie, of course):

Instagram: @jakegivens

6. These guys who left drinking water for thirsty hikers:

Instagram: @lon_bon_

7. This guy who was stocked up on fluids:

Instagram: @mrssmokestack

8. The good guy who walked down 53 flights of stairs and waited an hour to return a lost cell phone.

Happy businessman passing mobile phone in office
Maskot / Getty Images

Happy businessman passing mobile phone in office

9. This guy who put a little chick back in its nest:

Instagram: @ron194

10. This kind soul who added money to someone else's metre:

Instagram: @angieniebles

11. This woman who saved a family of ducklings from a storm drain.

Instagram: @ambermostoles

12. The woman who rescued a neighbour's cat from a rooftop where it had been stranded for 12 hours in -23-degree weather.

13. This young man AND the person who wrote the note to this young man:

Instagram: @skinny1990

14. This man who helped his neighbours get their cars out of the street in a flood:

Instagram: @leila_yaghmaei

15. And the whole Orchestre Métropolitain of Montreal, which bought a homeless man a brand-new violin after his was stolen.

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