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10 Superhuman Things You Didn't Know Your Body Could Do

Your body literally is a wonderland. Use your superhuman abilities to be a hero by donating to Canadian Blood Services — just five donors can save a patient undergoing heart surgery.

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People have often reported that, during a traumatic event, time moves in slow-motion. This is because your brain, under duress, bypasses all normal functions of decision making, allowing you to react swiftly. Your brain going faster makes everything else seem slower.


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Babies are born with two reflexes: the bradycardic reflex (the natural urge to hold their breath) and the swimming reflex, which prompts the baby to move their arms and legs in a synchronized motion. These natural abilities leave you after about six months of age.


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Babies start their attachment to their mothers by becoming familiar with the scent of their amniotic fluid in the womb. Outside of the womb, the baby maintains attachment to the mother by having her smell engraved in the baby's brain.


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Studies have proven that people in freezing conditions can increase their body temperature by meditation and doing something called "forceful breath," which combines breathing techniques with envisioning flames in certain parts of the body.


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There are two areas of your body that grow rapidly: your hair, and your nails. Your fingertips contain similar cells as these areas, called nail stem cells, that possess the ability to regenerate quickly. You might not be able to grow your fingerprint back, but you can regrow the tips!