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14 Mind-Blowing Things To See In Canada That Aren’t Trees Or Mountains

Canada's stunning natural landscape isn't all it has going for it. Visit Canada this summer and see what other amazing things our neighbor to the north has to offer.

1. Atlantic Balloon Fiesta, New Brunswick

2. Ice Hotel, Quebec

This Quebec hotel made of snow and ice sculptures makes for a truly unique experience. It's open from January through March — don't forget your parka!

3. Whale-watching, British Columbia

4. Kensington Market, Toronto

Kensington Market is a must-see in the heart of downtown Toronto. Nestled beside Chinatown, it's a one-stop shop for fresh produce, cute coffeeshops, diverse cuisine, and some colorful local flavor.

5. Jellybean Row, St. John's

Downtown St. John's has the most picturesque colorful row houses. They've become quite the attraction, so much so that they've been coined "Jellybean Row."

6. Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto

7. Maman, Ottawa

8. Canadian Badlands, Alberta

9. Narcisse Snake Dens, Manitoba

10. Habitat 67, Montreal

11. Free Spirit Spheres, British Columbia

12. Igloofest, Montreal

There are few things as mind-blowing as seeing thousands of people gather in the middle of winter for an incredible outdoor electronic music festival. Despite the freezing temperatures in January and February, the energy of the crowd is far from chilly!

13. Street Art, Montreal

Why visit the galleries when you can get a taste of Montreal's edgy arts scene for free by simply walking around the city?!

14. OCAD, Toronto

Visit Canada this summer and see all of the incredible things it has to offer, besides trees and mountains of course.