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10 Memorable Ontario Road Trips For Every Kind Of Traveler

No matter what sort of road trip you're looking to take, there's something for everyone in Ontario, Canada.


From great art, food, and shops, there is so much culture to take in in Toronto. Spend your day shopping at this hip market, see some incredible art, walk through the pedestrian-only Distillery District, and then enjoy a night in this historic Toronto hotel.


With hundred of lakes in the region, Muskoka is the perfect place for those looking for watersport adventures and lakeside leisure. Take in the gorgeous scenery on a cruise down Lake Muskoka, indulge in a super-chill treat, and enjoy a relaxing night at a welcoming resort.


Whether it's hot or cold, you love the feeling of sand under your feet. With this trip, you can walk through soft sand dunes, bask in the red glow of stunning sunsets, enjoy delicious seafood, and even see a local play. After your beach day, call it a night at this cozy inn.


Ottawa is bursting at the seams with world-class art and renowned cultural attractions that will delight any lover of history. Take in Canada's indigenous art, see sweeping panoramic views of Parliament Hill from atop this point, learn about Canada's rich history, and enjoy some of the delicious foods from the area.


If you like good wine, handcrafted confections, perfectly crisp ciders, and getting down to some local live music, then Prince Edward County is perfect for you. Here you can bike through vineyards, enjoy some delicious craft brews, and lay your head in style.


There is so much of the great outdoors to see and immerse yourself in in Ontario. Enjoy sailing on the open water, marvel at Aboriginal rock carvings, see what it was like to pioneer the open land, tilt your head toward the sky at night and stargaze, and even sleep under the stars on a house boat.


Why not pair your local culinary indulgences with some of the area's most stunning landscapes? On this road trip, you'll get to see the majesty of Niagara Falls, get a taste of the local craft brewing scene, indulge in seasonal foods, see some local talent, and unwind with a glass of local wine.


Forget farm-to-table — take a farm-to-mouth tour. You can try fresh ciders and juices, enjoy some handmade goat cheese, sample some charcuterie, or experience what a natural beer tastes like. After you've eaten to your heart's content, take a nice stroll or spoil yourself at the spa.


Along the coast of St. Marys River is plenty of art for every type of connoisseur and picturesque landscapes you can take in by train. Spend days along the coast taking in the local art scene, and virtually every outdoor adventure imaginable.


Why not have a little fun and adventure on your trip? Soar through the sky, see cute water creatures, have a paddle and picnic, slow down with a scenic cruise, and end the day in a luxurious suite.

Illustrations by James Devogelear and Victoria Reyes © BuzzFeed 2016

Images via Canada Keep Exploring and iStock

With so much to do, there's no reason not to check out Ontario, Canada, this fall.