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7 Tips And Products That’ll Help Your Dog Beat The Heat This Summer

Keep your hot dog cool for the summer.

Summer is here!

A golden retriever wearing a tie dye cooling vest
Canada Pooch

That means the sun is shining, people are trading in their sweats for swimsuits, and ice cream is the only food that matters. It also means that your dog is probably really hot. Dog’s can’t sweat as efficiently as humans, which means they need extra help in the summer to stay cool and hydrated to keep them comfortable.

The best way to make the most out of summer with your pup is to keep your dog healthy, comfortable, and happy.

A dog wearing a bandana and grabbing a stick
Canada Pooch

I talked to Canada Pooch and they shared some seriously helpful nuggets of wisdom with me, and I'm here to pass them on to you. Oh, and not only are they masters of teaching you how to cool your dog down, but they also have an entire cooling line of dog accessories starting from $19.

1. Invest in a cooling vest.

Two Dobermans wearing hats, one wearing the vest
Alice Prendergast / Via BuzzFeed

You can lower your dog's core body temperature by gearing them up in a Canada Pooch cooling vest. It's chemical-free and works its magic with water; so you won't need to worry about them getting into anything they shouldn't. It'll also help to protect against UV rays, so they won't get a sunburn (yes, dogs can get sunburns too!).

Canada Pooch

It's super easy to use — just add water, wring it out, and pop it on your dog. 

2. Pop a cooling bandana around their neck.

A dog wearing the bandana
Alice Prendergast / Via BuzzFeed

This stylish lil' Canada Pooch cooling bandana uses the same evaporative cooling effect but focuses on their neck and chest (as opposed to their core). It's great for taking on the go and you can easily cool it down again by dumping some water from your own bottle onto it.

3. Protect their paws and pads against hot pavement and sand.

Canada Pooch

Pavement temperature is double the temperature of the air so when it feels hot on your bod, know that it feels even hotter on your dog's paws. Pick them up a pair of Canada Pooch cooling boots to create a barrier between their pads and the ground (they kinda work like oven mitts). As an added bonus, they double as water shoes so your pup won't scratch up their paws on any rocky lake bottoms this summer.

4. Keep them hydrated and make sure they always have access to water.

A dog drinking water from a cup while wearing the bandana
Alice Prendergast / Via BuzzFeed

When it's piping hot, you'll want to have water available 24/7, 'cause you never know when your dog is gonna get thirsty. That means bringing an extra bottle with you on walks and trips to the park.

5. Encourage them to take a dip.

Canada Pooch

You know how much jumping in a pool or lake cools you down? Well, good news, it does the same for your dog. Plus, it's super fun and will keep them active when it's too toasty to run around in the park. If your dog isn’t a pro swimmer, don't forget to grab them a Canada Pooch life jacket to keep them buoyant!

6. Avoid going outside at the hottest times of day.

A dog running on a beach while wearing the vest
Canada Pooch

Around noon, the sun gets real spicy so that is not the time to walk your four-legged friend. Aim to take them out earlier in the day or when the sun is setting. If they've really gotta go, keep your walk short and skip the dog park.

7. Have them rock a cooling hat.

A Frenchie wearing the hat
Canada Pooch

If your dog loves an accessory as much as you do, they need a hat in their life, preferably a Canada Pooch cooling hat, complete with the same awesome cooling technology as the other products on this list. It'll protect their eyes from the sun (sun can damage a pup’s eyes!) and offers up some shade, too. Oh, and did I mention? It looks cute as heck.

I am dedicated to keeping my dog cool, so she can have the best hot girl summer of her life.

A dog on a deck wearing all the cooling accessories
Alice Prendergast / Via BuzzFeed

As a dog mom, I am all too familiar with my dog getting too hot. I thought that because she had been rescued from Texas, she'd be equipped for the heat but boy, was I ever wrong. These must-have products and tips from Canada Pooch to keep your dog cool have come in super handy. Before I had the cooling vest, hat, bandana, and boots, my dog Bobby was panting up a storm. Keep in mind that the products need to be kept wet to work their magic, but I always have a water bottle on me in the summer, so that's never a problem.

Keeping your dog cool is something you'll need to manage all summer, so be prepared.

A dog wearing the boots at a beach
Canada Pooch

Canada Pooch has you covered with all its cooling line and check out their blog for more tips and tricks on keeping your dog cool until fall strikes again.