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7 Tips And Products That’ll Help Your Dog Beat The Heat This Summer

Keep your hot dog cool for the summer.

Summer is here!

A golden retriever wearing a tie dye cooling vest

The best way to make the most out of summer with your pup is to keep your dog healthy, comfortable, and happy.

A dog wearing a bandana and grabbing a stick

1. Invest in a cooling vest.

Two Dobermans wearing hats, one wearing the vest

2. Pop a cooling bandana around their neck.

A dog wearing the bandana

3. Protect their paws and pads against hot pavement and sand.

4. Keep them hydrated and make sure they always have access to water.

A dog drinking water from a cup while wearing the bandana

5. Encourage them to take a dip.

6. Avoid going outside at the hottest times of day.

A dog running on a beach while wearing the vest

7. Have them rock a cooling hat.

A Frenchie wearing the hat

I am dedicated to keeping my dog cool, so she can have the best hot girl summer of her life.

A dog on a deck wearing all the cooling accessories

Keeping your dog cool is something you'll need to manage all summer, so be prepared.

A dog wearing the boots at a beach