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10 Artsy Ways To Celebrate Canada 150

Whether you're a longtime supporter of the arts or just looking to do something different, it's easy to get creative with your Canada 150 celebration.

1. ART EXPRESS'D — Summer 2017

2. Canada On Screen — Until the end of 2017

3. Canada Mosaic — Until the end of 2017

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Canadian Heritage / Via

Celebrate Canada's grand musical past and present with everything from classical to "Sesquies" commissioned for Canada 150. These new works are from contemporary composers and artists from all over the country and are bound to get your toes tapping.

4. Edges of Canada — Summer 2017

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NYO Canada / Via

Move over, classics — there are some new tunes travelling to 11 different cities! The National Youth Orchestra is performing new works by Canadian composers your ears will be happy to hear.

5. Timeraiser 150 — April 27–September 28, 2017

6. LandMarks2017 — June 10–25, 2017

7. National Canadian Film Day 150 — Streaming online

8. SESQUI — From now until mid-August 2017

9. Lost Stories — July 19–September 7, 2017

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Lost Stories / Via

Explore interesting and obscure Canadian stories with Canadian filmmakers, who endeavour to shine a light on compelling histories that could very well have been lost to time had it not been for their dedicated work.

10. The Dream Catchers — June 21–August 19, 2017

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The Dream Catchers / Via

After holding a series of workshops for young people across the country, the Dream Catchers have mounted a multidisciplinary spectacle of a musical that aims to bring the dreams of a generation to life in creative, exciting ways.

With so many artful options, you'll have to get creative with your schedule to fit them all in. Luckily, Canada 150 is a yearlong celebration.