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    18 Blogs Subscribe To In 2018

    The best blogs that you may have missed in 2017, but it's not too late to catch up and subscribe just in time for 2018!


    Jemma / Via

    Dork face is both funny and relatable, not matter what your age (but, the more colorful you prefer your hair, the more you'll love this!)

    Misty Prose


    A combination travel, lifestyle, and book blog, Misty Prose is sure to please everyone.

    Jenny in Neverland

    Jenny / Via

    Not only does Jenny blog about her day to day life on Jenny in Neverland, she also owns a book tour company for up and coming authors.

    The Mini Mermaid

    Emmy / Via

    Who hasn't wanted to be a mermaid before? The second you click onto The Mini Mermaid, you're bombarded (in the best way) with all things delightful and nerdy.

    Happy Grey Lucky

    Sina / Via

    Besides having one of the punniest blog names, Happy Grey Lucky is "a lifestyle blog with an eye for clean and minimalist design in all areas of life." And boy she's not lying! Everything about this blog is bright, clean, and professional, basically everything you want to be in the new year!!

    The Writing Crafter

    Camryn Daytona / Via

    Camryn's open honesty about Mental Illness, as well as her great crafts and funny stories, make this a must read for anyone who's slightly confused about life, or who just likes to see pictures of people's cats.

    Cupcakes and Cashmere


    Cupcakes and Cashmere is not just a mommy blogger, she's a little-bit-of-everything blogger!

    A Thought and a Half


    Kate's blog is all about the yummy food and unique living style of the Southern United States. Clearly, she's a very cool person (who else would pose with a pineapple!?)

    A Beautiful Mess


    Run by two sisters, Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, a Beautiful Mess is "lifestyle company focused on creating happiness through a homemade lifestyle."

    Katie's Pencil Box

    Katie / Via

    Katie's Pencil box is all about beauty: beautiful DIYs, beautiful paintings, and beautiful pictures. If scrolling through these posts don't make you feel calm, what will?

    A Page with a View

    Cait / Via

    An awesome book blog, run by an awesome woman. A Page With A View is Cait's journal of time with her Lupus, and her way of connecting with the outside world.

    Honestly WTF


    Erica's blog is extremely relatable, because, truly, who doesn't think "honestly, wtf" at least once a day.

    Katie Did What?

    Katie / Via

    Katie Did What is the perfect mixture of lifestyle, parenting, and how-to-blog tutorials, and is all around one of the funniest blogs on the web!

    Meredith Morgan


    There's something very therapeutic about scrolling through Meredeth Morgan's photos, and her recipes are TO DIE FOR.

    Wonder Forest


    Not only does Wonder Forest have beautiful watercolors, she also blogs about life and mental illness.

    OMG Lifestyle


    You have to give, OMG Lifestyle credit for not only running an amazing blog, but also having what is probably one of the most sought after URLs in the industry.

    Jessica Slaughter

    There's nothing murderous about Jessica Slaughter, but it is worth the read for all you suffering college students out there.

    Bright and Beautiful Blog


    Welcome to the Windy City!! Bright and Beautiful is an engaging read, even for those of us who don't live in Chicago!

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