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11 Dishes That Prove Campbell’s Can Make Any Dinner Easy And Delicious

Looking for dinners that are quick and delish? Check out a range of simple faves below and discover all you can cook with Campbell’s® Cream of Chicken, Cream of Mushroom, and Tomato soups today!

1. 3-Cheese Pasta Bake

3-cheese pasta bake sitting in serving dish on table

2. Chicken & Roasted Garlic Risotto

Chicken and garlic risotto on a table

3. Spaghetti Carbonara

Pot of spaghetti carbonara sitting on table

4. Chicken and Biscuits

Large pot of chicken and biscuits on table

5. Vegetarian Meatless Beef Chili with Beans

Meatless chili beside sour cream and cornbread

6. 15-Minute Chicken & Rice

Chicken and rice in a pan beside broccoli on a cutting board

7. One-Pot Tuna Casserole

Tuna casserole in dish beside plate of casserole

8. Coconut Curry Lentil Soup

Coconut curry lentil soup with naan

9. Sloppy Joe Pizza

Sloppy joe pizza with iced tea and potato chips

10. Chicken & Veggie Pasta

Skillet full of chicken and veggie pasta

11. White Chicken Chili

White chicken chili in serving dish alongside cheese and scallions

All imagery provided by Campbell's. 

Discover all the easy (and tasty!) ways you can cook with Campbell's® Cream of Chicken, Cream of Mushroom, and Tomato soups today.