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12 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Campbell's Soup

It's more than just soup, y'know!

150 years ago, Campbell Soup Company was born from a simple idea — to make delicious and affordable food accessible to all. 150 years later, they remain true to that vision. Generations of home cooks have made Campbell food, snacks, and recipes part of their family's daily and holiday food traditions.

1. Campbell Soup Company is 150 years old this year.

2. It started as a jelly company.

3. Without Campbell Soup Company, we probably wouldn't love soup as much as we do.

4. Legend has it that the classic red and white design of the Campbell's soup can was inspired by Cornell University's football uniforms...

5. ...and the little bronze medallion on the front of the can is an actual medal that Campbell won at the Paris World's Fair in 1900.

6. Campbell is probably the only company that could make vegetable juice cool.

7. They make your favorite cookies...

8. ...and your favorite fish-shaped cheese crackers!

9. The Campbell test kitchen invented the Green Bean Casserole.

10. The company never tried to sue Andy Warhol for his Campbell's Soup Can paintings. In fact, they kinda liked them!

11. Campbell and Lassie were basically BFFs.

12. You probably have a ton of Campbell Soup Company products in your pantry right now!

Facts and images via Campbell Soup Company.

So here's to Campbell Soup Company for 150 years of making delicious, affordable food that's accessible to everyone!