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Live Action Art Inspired By Soup

Everyone will probably agree that food and art are both best when shared with others. Since the Pop Art movement of the '60s, food like Campbell's Soup has been served as the artist's muse, and we still see that today. Sarah Dartin and Pierre Francillon made awesome pieces of live art for the party, The Artist's Palate. Check out the videos here.

In celebration of the new adventurous line of Campbell’s Go™ soups and the launch of BuzzFeed Food, BuzzFeed tapped artists to make awesome pieces of live art for the party, The Artist's Palate. Sarah Dartin and Pierre Francillon are just two of the many artists who featured their artwork at the event. (To see the other artwork at The Artist's Palate, click here.)

Timelapse video of Sarah Dartin's painting

View this video on YouTube

Artist statement:

The painting I did for this event I named "Soup City". My thoughts were to incorporate the colors and shapes of a Campbell's soup can as an underlining structure to my painting. Painting live at the event, I wasn't sure exactly what the piece was going to turn into but what it became was a "soup inspired" city undergoing an alien invasion.

Video of Pierre Francillon working on his live performance art

View this video on YouTube

Artist statement:

The work I made for the event is part of a series called ''Threads.'' It has

to do with history and the image and color throughout my history making art.

Some of the references reflect my past connections with artists who are my influences. Some of them I have had a personal connection with and some I

respect from afar. I choose to make these works on found surfaces since they already have a history. Many of the colors I chose are connected to food

or are known to make the viewer think of food. All of these concepts are part of the threads I reflect with the work.

Check out the other people at the party while the art performances were happening.

Our BuzzFeed Food editors Rachel Sanders and Emily Fleischaker.

Everyone had a good time checking out the art.

And trying the soup!

There was a photobooth!

People loved it.

Photos by Macey J. Foronda and Joseph Lin.

Video production by Andrew Gauthier.