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15 Animals Who Are Behaving Like People

Believe it or not, animals can do a lot more than just obey our commands and wake us up in the morning. Check out what these critters are doing that make them so close to being actually human.

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2. Here's Another Dog, Who's Upset He Had To Babysit That Lamb Instead Of Going To That House Party

mb-fotos / iStockphoto / Getty Images

The most beautiful girl in school took time out of her busy schedule to PERSONALLY invite him, and ugh, hardly anyone has the energy to throw a good party these days!

4. And Oh! Here's A Cat Who Is Exactly Where He Said He'd Be During His Office Hours

Vivienstock / iStockphoto / Getty Images

It's just really rare for a professor to actually be available during his office hours. They usually use that time to head off campus to get their Macbooks repaired or something.

5. This Puppy Is Still Kinda Shocked He Was Cast As ABC's New Bachelor (Especially Since His Relationship Just Ended Last Week)

WIN-Initiative / Getty Images

Maybe his ex will see him on TV and she'll finally text him back?

8. Meet This Kitten, Who Is Auditioning To Be A DJ For Their College's Radio Station

Benjamin Torode / Getty Images

She's just sick and tired of how all those Poly Sci majors won't stop playing Katy Perry all the time.

10. And Look At This Chameleon, Trying So Hard To Avoid Calling The Plumber For The Third Time This Week

Hilarious Gifs / Via

His wife will just say "I told you not to touch anything!" And then she'll call the handsome neighbor, who will come over and flirt with her and compliment her skirt and her hair and everything will be a mess.

12. This Cat Is Doing Research For His Article On How Public Showers Negatively Affect Self-Esteem

© nico piotto / Getty Images

I assume a large part of it will be written based on first-hand experience.

Inspired by Campbell's Go™ soups! They're so close to the real thing, you won't believe it!