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11 Awesome Things To Do In A Photo Booth

When the flashbulbs in a photo booth start going off, it can be hard to think of the perfect pose to strike. To learn some easy tricks to getting the perfect printout, check out some pictures from BuzzFeedFood's party, The Artist's Palate, in honor of Campbell’s Go™.

1. Experiment With Your Personal Style

2. Fight For The One You Love

3. Just Cram Everyone In

4. Include The Photobooth Itself

5. Have A Meltdown Over How There Are No More Samples Of The Campbell's Go™ Moroccan Style Chicken Soup With Chickpeas

6. Trade Glasses With Your Friends

7. Marvel Over The Fish You Caught Earlier In The Day

8. Practice Winking

9. Make Very Small Movements

10. Or Don't Even Move At All

11. Unwind From A Long Day Of Being The CEO And President Of BuzzFeed