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10 Surprisingly Fascinating Facts About Soup

Soup's got a lot of history. With the advent of the new Campbell's Go™ soups, here's a tribute to arguably the best food on earth.

1. Americans sip over 10 Billion bowls of soup every year.

2. The earliest evidence of making soup was in 6000 BC…And guess what kind of soup it was? Hippopotamus!

3. 99% of all American homes have soup in them.

4. In the 1700s, the French King was so enamored with himself that he had his royal chefs create a soup that would allow him to see his own reflection in the bowl. As a result, consommé (clear broth) was born.

5. In the French Court of Louis XI, the ladies’ meals were mostly soup. They were afraid that chewing would give them wrinkles.

6. In Europe during the 17th century, the spoon was invented to accommodate the giant ruffles that people wore around their necks at that time.

7. Women are twice as likely to order soup at a restaurant than men.

8. In December of 2010, a culinary time capsule was unearthed when Chinese archaeologists found a 2,400-year-old cauldron of soup – with its contents still liquid.

9. In Nebraska, it is illegal for bar owners to sell beer unless they are brewing a pot of soup.

10. Soup was first known as “sop,” which was a medieval dish of a thick stew poured on slices of bread to soak up the liquid.