22 Hilarious Tributes To The World’s Most Affordable Snack: Ramen

Cheers to the noodles that have always been there for you.


Celebrating the building blocks of life.

2. The Ramen-Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

I’ve had it wrong this whole time.

3. The Dorm Room Diaries: Volume 1

localtreasures704 / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 68964628@N08

4. For The Girl Who Has Everything

Ramen/Resin Bangles by Masao Takahashi

5. Chicken Flavor Cake With Exceptional Detailing

I want to be this person’s best friend.

6. A Majestic Ramen Tunnel

Travis Sanders / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: travis_sanders

#1 tripping destination, probably.

7. Saucy-Chic Ramen earrings

Great for your first day of work at a new job.

8. The Ramen Beard

He definitely swallowed that bite.

9. Maruchan Man Tattoos

The ultimate poolside accessories.

10. Parental Advisory Ramen

The guy on the left knows all about that Picante flavor.

11. Ramen & Rhymin’

The Half-Cooked Noodle Remix

12. “Starving Artist” by Sarah Clement

Sarah Clement / Beth Cole / Kaveh Haerian / Jessica Pavone / Qianfei Wang / Via sarahelizabethclement.com


13. This Sexy Ramen Boy

“Excuse me ma’am, I believe I dropped my flavor packet”

14. Ramen Noodle Waves

She needs a flavor-packet hair clip.

15. LOLz

Via meh.ro

I think we all saw this one coming.

16. A Ramen Engagement Ring

Eat your heart out, Kimye.

18. Ramen Wall Art

jfmilaski / Via flickr.com

Never forget the struggle.

19. PRIDE Ramen

Stop relying on that body!

20. The Lord’s Snack

A halo over every packet.

21. The “Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl”

The Facetime possibilities with this thing are endless.

22. A Low-Sodium Soak

About $3.00 worth of aquatic companionship.

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