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RE: BuzzFeed FOOD APPLICATION Reasons Every Family Should Make Une Galette Des Rois On January 6th As Told Through Joey Tribbiani Gifs

"Let them eat galettes!" -Marie Antoinette (Maybe)

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But on January 6th of every year, a very special galette will be made all-across the francophone world: THE Gallete des Rois* (*à la frangipane)** (**with almond filling).

The Galette des Rois is a typical french tradition amongst family and friends that requires...sharing.

The 'game', so to speak, works like this: Before whoever is baking the galette is ready to place the top pastry puff before placing the cake into the oven, he/she/they must hide a tiny porcelain figure (also know as la fève; French for "the bean"), somewhere in the almond paste so that once the cake is ready to be served, no one (not even the chef!) will know where this little figurine is located within the cake.

The cake gets serve on the Christian holiday of Three Kings' Day (commonly known as Epiphany), held every January 6th. Families and friends will gather around the table to get their piece of the galette, with the hopes of retrieving the tiny religious figure.

Oh but Joey, if you get the piece of the galette with the little figurine, then you are deemed the king of the day.

What you do while you're deemed king of the day is totally up to you.

You could be kind and offer to bake next year's cake (nah), claim dibs on the rest of this year's cake (eh), or you could walk around your house wearing a crown and remind everyone that you're the greatest that ever was and everyone else is a loser (yeah, definitely do that).

In conclusion, January 6th's crusty-puffy-Joey-Tribbiani-Frenchy pastry cake may turn you into a loser (in the best way possible <3), or into the most powerful person in your family (in the worst way possible :/ )

Is your family game for a little competition?

Get recipes here, here, and here for your very own galette de Rois!

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