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RE: BuzzFeed FOOD APPLICATION It's Time We ALL Appreciate The Taylor Ham, Egg, And Cheese

Don't even TRY to call it a pork roll, you heathen.

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1. So I don't want to start a war or anything, but behind your closed doors, a war has already been waging: The war on *dramatic music* TAYLOR HAM.

4. To keep you from shying away, the safest way to describe Taylor Ham is, as a sort, of pork-based meat.

Just to reiterate: it's called Taylor Ham. Taylor Ham. TAYLOR. HAM.

(It's also known to those from the more er, Southern parts of New Jersey as 'pOrK rOlL' (not necessarily stylized that way; I'm just annoyed we can't agree it's called Taylor Ham. #NorthJerseyPride)

5. Anywho, Taylor Ham has a special place in the hearts of New Jerseyans, but it has an even more special place in the heart of THE WORLD'S GREATEST SANDWHICH.

6. Me personally, I have no freakin' clue how this combination came to be, but bless the Jersey gods (not the cast of The Jersey Shore...more like, The Real Housewives) for allowing this to be a staple of our land.

You get a roll (or a bagel; this part is personal preference. Jerseyans don't really fight that much about this all that much), you get some American [meh] cheese, and you get yourself soME OF THAT GOOD TAYLOR HAM YAAAAASSSSSSSSS*.

*This is how everyone reactions. All 8,944,469 residents. Even the vegetarians. Everyone screams. Every time.

7. Now, you have the option of adding to your sandwich. Often times your bagel guys/bagel ladies/bagel crew will ask you if you want salt, pepper, or ketchup.

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Go crazy with those three if you so choose, but if you want the authentic Jersey Sandwich, you won't go gentrifying by adding lettuce and kale and spinach and— basically: don't add anything healthy.

You're supposed to revel in the mystery and the guilt.

9. Just to reinforce a point here, even [the sometimes good, sometimes bad] Gov. Christie calls it Taylor Ham. "It's 'Taylor ham' egg and cheese," Christie decreed.


10. So. What have we learned today?

Taylor Ham is great.

Surrounding it by cheese is great.

Also surrounding it by egg is great.

A lil' salt, a lil' pepper, a lil' ketchup (if you're into that sort of thing), is all great.

11. I promise that whatever negative opinion you've ever had on New Jersey will properly disappear because ONE bite of a majestic Taylor Ham, Egg, & Cheese sandwich will change your life.

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