9 Portraits Of MPs Drawn By Children

Education website iChild has teamed up with Moshi Monsters to launch a heart-warming competition. The competition encourages youngsters to draw their own versions of the now infamous political portraits, and showcase the next generation’s talent whilst saving money for taxpayers.

1. David Cameron by Amelia (7)

Amelia Hounam-Brooker (7) commented whilst drawing: ‘I wonder how much David Cameron will pay for this portrait?’

2. David Cameron by Jada (7)

Jada (7) drew David Cameron ‘because he’s the leader of the world’

3. Boris Johnson by Nona (8)

Nona McIntosh (Age 8) chose to create a portrait of Boris Johnson “because he is the Mayor of London, and I like his hair and that he rides bikes. I like drawing bikes.”

4. David Cameron by Ellis (3)

Ellis (3) chose David Cameron because ‘he looks like Psy’ (of Gangnam Style fame)

5. David Cameron by Emilia (7)

Emilia (7) drew David Cameron because - ‘because he has a nice face and is always on the news’

6. Nelson Mandela by Eve (5)

Eve got a little confused and drew Nelson Mandela, because ‘he looked happy and was waving’

7. Michael Gove by Josh (13)

Josh (13) drew Michael Gove because ‘he had an interesting face’

8. Boris Johnson by Fred Elvis (5)

Fred Elvis (5) drew Boris Johnson because ‘he has a funny face and he can fly!’

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