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    • camillaa45bf4eaaa

      these videos are bad but its this thread that is truly discouraging.  let’s leave alone the sole fact that perhaps someone wants to get through their day without feeling as though their entire merit exists on physical appearances (at best) and (at worst) how sexually desirable they are  believe it or not, I can put on a nice outfit (revealing or not), cake myself with makeup, and put on the highest of heels and go out expecting to not get harassed. no I’m not asking for it. no I am not seeking attention. do you honestly think I spend all that time and effort to impress some random strangers and desperately HOPE -oh pretty please- that they pick me to focus on? and then act outraged but secretly enjoy it because, hooray I’ve gotten attention? I promise you that I could give a shit about what some random person I do not even know thinks about it or me.
      I do it for me. I do it because I feel good. and I can pinky promise you that the girl you are 100% sure is dressed up for some catcalling is most of the time doing it for herself as well but being made to feel guilty for it because honestly what other reason could there be, right? its not like I could possibly have motives other than doing something for myself?  if you approach me like a human freaking being and instead of tits and ass or some kind of visual entertainment that exists solely for your pleasure, then I can tell you I will see you as a human being as well. also it is OKAY if someone rejects your advances despite being the most polite human in the entire universe. maybe they just want to be alone, maybe they just don’t connect with you, whatever the reason. if you lash out at them, generalizing that all women are she-devil beasts who crave mistreatment and are acting like they don’t…. well we see where your true intentions really lie PS I’ve been harassed greasy looking and in sweatpants too so its not about the person being catcalled. its allllll about the harasser

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