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Which Happy Hubbard Are You?

Between the six of them, which person do you best identify as?

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  1. Which snack would you choose on a road-trip?

    Smart-Pop Popcorn
    Almond M&Ms
    Carrot sticks
    Sweet potato chips
    We're going on a road trip?
  2. What do you look forward to on Saturday?

    Sleeping in
    Farmer's Market
    Yard work
    Making a big breakfast!
    Spending time with family
    Catching up on work
  3. Which would you rather watch?

    Blue Bloods
    Blue Bloods
  4. Which room can you (most often) be found in?

    Front porch
    Upstairs bonus room (xbox)
    Basement (gym)
    Master bedroom
  5. What's a typical line for you?

    "Do you need anything while I'm at Walmart?"
    "Guess what, guys..."
    "Who's picking me up today?"
    "Wait... what?"
    "We should play a game!"
    "Let's talk about the plan for tonight."
  6. Where would you like to eat?

    Pizza Hut
    Hungry Drover
    Tandem CC
    Everyday Organic
  7. All expenses paid, where would you like to visit?

    Stanford Bridge
    Stanford Bridge
    Himalayan Mountains
    Himalayan Mountains
  8. What are you most likely doing before the big football game?

    Making homemade ice cream
    Last minute grocery-store run
    Rearranging the furniture
    Finishing your FIFA game
    Walking around, eating chips
    Driving home
  9. What might your task be on yard-work day?

    Mow the lawn
    Assemble lunch
    Man the chain saw
    Blow the driveway
    Do other work inside
    Ask what time we will be done
  10. What's your favorite family game?

    Marshmallow drop
    Settlers of Catan
    Dutch blitz

Which Happy Hubbard Are You?

You got: Peter

Productivity is your forte. You think deeply and engage with a variety of people on a regular basis. You can be found serving in the office, reading at home, working in the garden, or dropping off your chainsaw at Landscapers’ Supply. When you find something you love, you stick with it, like Trader Joe’s chocolate-covered almonds, flannel PJ pants, or a certain hairstyle. Your favorite quotes are “wherever you are, be there” and “there are two kinds of people.”

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You got: Karen

Some people call you Mom. You love spending time with your family! You may consider yourself an introvert--thriving in smaller, more intimate groups of people. This, however does not stop you from engaging in community projects and local events. Your favorite season is fall. Most of the time, you can be found contemplating ways to serve others, napping on the couch, balancing the checkbook, or carpooling people and things across town.

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You got: Kai

You think deeply and survive on little. Some people don’t believe you when you tell them that you forgot to eat today. You find random things very funny but may ask someone to repeat their joke if it doesn’t make logical sense. Strategizing, three-dimensional conceptualizing, and power-napping are your strengths. You spend most of your time teaching young people science, reading Liverpool updates, playing games with your family, studying maps, and closing doors.

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You got: Cami

You have introvert tendencies and spend most of your time in the kitchen or outdoors. Some might say you have an obsession with organizing--whether it be cabinets, rooms, people, or parties. Vegetables are your favorite food. You can be stressed easily but find journaling, hiking, and tea-drinking to be helpful. Chances are, you can be found starting a project, adventuring around town, trying out a new recipe, or chasing the sunset.

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You got: Connor

You're a fun-loving, hard-working person who takes breakfast seriously. You get along with just about everyone and have a knack for making others feel welcome. Creativity may not be your strong suit, but you can follow a work-out plan or recipe to a T. You spend most of your time finishing assignments at the last possible minute, making food, telling stories about your exciting life, driving to the gym, and making food.

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You got: Keaton

Also known as Mr. Technical, you say things the way they are. Pop-tarts are your go-to breakfast, if you wake up in time. You’re a natural at school and don’t require much out-of-class studying. People love being around you because of your ability to make them laugh at just about anything. You spend most of your time kicking the soccer ball around, organizing leagues and brackets, and keeping up with others via social media.

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