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Dec 2015
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    camid47c91a7cc commented on Tell Us The Most Annoying Inaccuracy From A TV Show Or Movie Adapted From A Book

    When the last Harry Potter movies skimmed over Remus and Tonks final story line with teddy, but still kept the line with Harry asking about their son after Remus and Tonks died. Not only do I live for that story line, but Tonks and teddy deserved more than just a passing mention.… 


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    camid47c91a7cc commented on What Are Your Best Tips And Tricks For Living In A Small Space?

    Use your wall space! Put up hooks, shelves, hangers, etc in order to hand up all the things that would normally go into a closet or on a shelf. This helped me when I was in college living in a studio, and my pots and pans were always in reach!


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    camid47c91a7cc commented on Tell Us The Pettiest Thing You’ve Done At Work

    I work in a dress shop that has commission based pay. There is this one girl who will always hover over your shoulder when you are selling to a guest and make unhelpful suggestions. Then, at the register, she'll take your sale because "she helped them more and rang them out". The… 


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    camid47c91a7cc commented on What Moments In Sitcoms Really, Really Annoy You?

    As a plus sized girl, I hate seeing women using their weight as something to conqure in order for them to be loved. It usually involves putting some skinny quirky main character in a bad fat suit and making it a flash back to teen years. Fat isn't a bad word and chubby girls have… 


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    camid47c91a7cc commented on Give Us Your Tips For Bridesmaids

    When the bride chooses out a gown for you and a color, don't be rude about it. Yes, the dress may be expensive and the color might wash you out, but the day isn't about you. It's about seeing your friend happy and sharing that love. It doesn't matter what you're wearing. Also don't… 


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    camid47c91a7cc commented on Tell Us How To Spend Valentine’s Day If You’re Single

    head over to the bookstore and choose out a couple of cheap romance novels, go home make some mac and cheese, wrap myself in one of my plush blankets, turn my phone off, and read myself to sleep. ❤


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    camid47c91a7cc commented on What's The Sexiest Book You Ever Read?

    The outlander series KILLED me. It was so romantic and heart breaking, and oh so steamy. There is just something about kilts and biting that makes me all tingly. JAMMF 5ever


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