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    Posted on 6 Apr 2017

    Here's Everything You Need To See On A Trip To Perth

    Trust us, you'll want to stay for more than a weekend.

    1. Enjoy brunch at Gordon St. Garage.

    2. Visit the world's largest inner-city park.

    3. Head down to Elizabeth Quay.

    4. Find the blue boathouse.

    5. Soak up some culture at the Perth Cultural Centre.

    6. Don't forget to look around you!

    7. Eat lunch at Bread in Common.

    8. Order a beer-tasting platter at the iconic Little Creatures Brewery.

    9. Don't forget to say hello to Bon Scott.

    10. Join the creative crowd at one of Fremantle's many art galleries.

    11. Spend time in prison.

    12. Take a zebra selfie.

    13. Catch the sunset at Cottesloe Beach.

    14. Treat yourself to dinner at the State Buildings.

    15. Get your jazz hands ready.

    16. Go on a makeshift bar crawl around Northbridge.

    17. Catch a live gig at The Bird.

    18. The next morning, find a trail, any trail.

    19. Follow the wine and cheese.

    20. Hunt for antiques in the historic town of Guildford.

    21. Make friends with a local.

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