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Can You Get Through This Post Without Booking A Trip To Fremantle

This lively city really has the best of everything: art, culture, food, beaches, and a whole lot of history.

1. First up, Western Australia's Fremantle has an incredible art scene.

2. And there are a whole bunch of awesome festivals.

3. While you're there, brush up on your maritime history.

4. And appreciate the area's sublime - and less crowded -beaches.

5. There are also really beautiful cafés and restaurants.

6. You can also visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

7. Fremantle is home to some amazing architecture.

8. When you go, be sure to visit the iconic Little Creatures.

9. And enjoy ultimate Sunday sesh.

10. If you'd rather eat and drink by the beach, you can do that in Freo too.

11. You can find the end of the rainbow when you visit.

12. And catch a gig at the J-shed.

13. You can do some yoga and enjoy sustainable, healthy food as soon as you're done.

14. Make sure you head to the South Beach Sunset Markets.

15. If you're a fan of fancy cocktails, you'll find plenty to enjoy in Fremantle.

16. There's even a pop-up art gallery bar.

17. And if you want to stay out all night, you can do that too.

18. If pubs are more your thing, you'll find plenty to choose from.

19. You can party in a hidden courtyard.

20. And pose in front of the coolest mural.

21. You can stay in a shipping container, if it takes your fancy.

22. And if you want a really memorable Freo experience, sleep in an old prison.