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19 Incredible Reasons You Should Visit Broome As Soon As Possible

It's the ultimate desert paradise.

1. Western Australia's Broome is where the desert meets the ocean.

2. It's a kaleidoscope of colours.

3. Seriously, the beaches are beyond spectacular.

4. Cable Beach should be at the top of your list.

5. You can even take an epic sunset camel ride while you're there.

6. And speaking of sunsets - Broome's are some of the best.

7. There's also a horizontal waterfall.

8. And a place you can walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs.

9. Visit between March and October to witness a breathtaking natural phenomenon.

10. And if you dare, pay a visit to crocodile country.

11. When you need to take a break from beautiful Broome, head 260 kilometres west and visit Rowley Shoals.

12. When it's time to rest, go glamping in the wilderness.

13. In Broome, you can take a journey to the stars.

14. And learn about Broome's pearling industry.

15. Visit the world's oldest picture gardens.

16. Or explore the area on a hovercraft.

17. Have a beer at the most remote brewery in the world.

18. For the ultimate culinary experience though, you need to feast on a crab you've caught yourself.

19. And after all that, promise you'll visit again soon.

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