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12 Things You Can Buy With £1,000,000

You think about what you'd do if you won the lottery all the time. But what's a million quid in real money? Let us break it down for you, with The National Lottery.

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1. 66,666 takeaway pizzas. / Via

OK, so if we say the average big pepperoni pizza is about £15, that means you can buy 66,666 of those. Probably not in one go. And probably not from the same branch, unless you want to get banned.

2. You could rent a deluxe bouncy castle for adults complete with built-in DJ party for 18 years straight. / Via

What are the physical effects of 18 years straight bouncing? You can be the science experiment.

3. An actual castle in Scotland.

Big Time Rush / Nickelodeon / Via

You'd even have cash leftover to spend on whisky and outfits that make you look like a long-dead Scottish king.

4. About 20,000 consecutive months at your gym.

KpcOfficialVideos / / Via

You'd get so massively buff, you'd have to buy new shirts with your lottery winnings too.

5. About 62 really, really nice shiny laptops. / Via

Is this one full of stuff? On fire? Need to upgrade something really boring? Honestly, millionaires can't be bothered with that stuff.

6. At the current exchange rate, you could buy 15 tickets to space.

Tested / / Via

The ticket price includes medical screening and G-Force training.

7. 68,259 movie tickets at a venue with a giant screen that would ordinarily make you complain about the price. / Via

Or let's break it down more realistically: 40,000 tickets plus a large soft drink and a giant bag of sweets to "share".

8. Pretty much every daft thing you've ever wanted even a little bit on eBay.

Confessions of a Shopaholic / Touchstone Pictures / Via

What would you even do with a mechanical calculator anyway? Who cares. UP THAT BID.

9. 45,454 posh coffees from that fancy place staffed by people with haircuts. / Via

Pick your "usual" early because that stuff is super hard to change, and you're gonna have 45,454 of them.

10. About 1,667 pairs of expensive designer shoes. / Via

You'd have so many of them, you wouldn't even need to save them for best. Go jump in those puddles.

11. A month and a half in one of the most expensive hotels in the UK. / Via

£18,000 a night is a bit much, but you can afford this now – you're loaded.

12. Rent out a cinema, fill it with your mates, have them play The Princess Bride on repeat until you die of happiness.

What would you spend your million quid on? You can buy ALL of the above, but what have previous winners spent their cash on? See some of the most unusual lottery purchases here.