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16 Things British People Would Actually Do If They Won The Lottery

What would you really do if you won the lottery? Want to live this dream? You've got to be in it to win it.

1. Buy the finest champagne to celebrate…

2. Permanently reserve an area of your local pub.

3. Upgrade to fancy toilet paper.

4. Buy something ostentatious for your pet.

5. Buy your gran a yacht.

6. Buy a childhood toy from eBay that your mum would never let you have.

7. Buy a massive house, then worry your neighbours think you're a burglar every time you arrive home.

8. Buy your dream car.

9. Feel slightly disappointed that bank holidays are no longer as special.

10. See if you could buy yourself a role in EastEnders.

11. Look into buying a private island.

12. Work out if you're richer than the Queen yet.

13. Buy a new sports centre for your old school, on the condition you get to name it.

14. Go to a posh restaurant, but be too self-conscious to order anything with a name that you can't pronounce.

15. Hire a butler and be so nice to them, out of awkwardness, that it borders on creepy.

16. Buy your parents a house.

If we told you the first thing lottery winners REALLY buy, you probably wouldn’t believe us, so listen to the winners tell you themselves.

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