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11 Lottery Fantasies (Pretty Much) All Of Us Have Totally Had

We've all been there. We asked around to find out what people would splash their cash on. What'd be on your menu if you won with the National Lottery?

1. "Hire a team of experts to run my life: stylist, chef, career coach – the works."

2. "Pay Tina Fey to write a movie in which I, of course, would star alongside Johnny Depp and Grumpy Cat."

3. "Buy two islands, two pirate ships, two crews, and loads of paintball guns...

4. Two words, one dream: "Trampoline room."

5. "Open up a sea otter park in London."

6. "I would buy a blue-eyed Pomsky dog and name her Denise and give her the most lavish life of all the dogs."

7. "Buy a pub. Never leave that pub."

8. "Offer my friends a year's salary if they all quit their jobs to come and work for me."

9. "Buy a local lower-league football team and name all the stands after me."

10. "I would buy all of the guitars. Like seriously, an unnecessary amount of guitars."

11. "Build a terrifying statue of me. Bronze. 100 foot tall... Don't even act like you haven't thought about it."

Now find out what’s on the nation’s ACTUAL bucket list after they win.