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Repairing Electronics Repair - The Need For Innovation In An Industry

Detailing why the electronics repair industry is broken. Calysco is here to fix that. Calysco is here to fix that as an innovator in cell phone repair, tablet repair, and computer repair. Also including audio/visual setups for "smart lives" for consumers in a holistic approach to the daily tech maintenance consumers yearn for.

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1. Calysco's Model to Repair an Industry

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Consumers these days want FAST quality and convenient service. They want to order it immediately and then they want it to be done within 1-5 business days without even having to leave their couch. Online shopping has blown up and this industry has mostly ignored it. The irony of the industry is that it is meant to repair devices from the most constantly innovative and dynamic sector of our economy - technology. Yet, it cannot repair itself by innovating and being more dynamic. Many have tried it, but the prices do not reflect the cost-savings established. Est. in Coral Springs and covering Broward County, Palm Beach County, and Miami - Dade County we are making Sunny South Florida convenient again.

What do we mean by FAST quality service? Well our business model is centered around Friendly, Affordable, Simple, and Timely service. If we can provide all of the above to the consumer with quality and convenience we know success is achieved. Cell Phones break. Computers break. Tablets break. Consumers do not fix. Why? Because to fix an iPhone 7 costs them over $200, the parts cost between $70-120 and for an hour of work the tech is charging $80-130. For the same cost you could buy an insurance plan on the spot and claim it lost the next day - when insurance is more convenient than a portion of the tech industry one has to scratch their head. We need someone that does the cell phone repair, the computer repair, and the tablet repair on the spot at a lower cost saving you the time and money of even calling for the insurance.

The costs do not add up and we plan to fix that. Charging that much might make sense if the hour of work the tech is putting in also includes travel time so the consumer does not have to waste their own time going to the repair shop, it might make sense if the skills of that tech were so limited he could charge that, but it does not make sense when every other person's brother, friend, or cousin knows enough about tech to do it for you (although without any warranty).

People deserve to be covered tech-wise all around. Adding a holistic approach to the tech-savvy lifestyle means also doing home theater and other lifestyle electronic device additions to the consumers content. For our time travelling to the consumer and fixing their phone on the spot or within at best 1-5 business days to schedule an appointment or fetch parts - the consumer does not have to leave their couch. They can even order online at

Let's be clear, go on craigslist right now and I am sure you will find some kid or stranger advertising to go fix your devices on the low. Still, in our gut we know there's a risk in bringing someone without an actual business who gives no promises or warranty, and no background check, into your home showing off hundreds or thousands of dollars of tech. For this to work there needs to be some trust like being Home Adviser approved and background checked, keeping it professional enough to do the job right and personal enough to build trust, and most importantly an umbrella warranty on all products and services to ensure people know they are backed up.

We are doing these things and just hope there is competition out there for us, because this industry is desperately in need of innovation. We like to say we live to "serve, fix, and protect" and we would not be doing that if we did not provide information on how our industry needs improvement, what we are doing to improve it, and what we hope others begin to recognize it to provide more value to consumers. Plus, we want to let consumers know of the coming sunnier days.

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